“Hi! I’m Elizsabeth & I’m a Divine Feminine creative using music, digital art and channelled messages to help empower, heal & guide us back to the magic of our inner spirit."

Having learnt over time how important self-love truly is to my journey, I recognised how powerful it is for everyone in how it leads us back to who we were before we learnt how to hide and feel unworthy of the life we want to live. Instead, we can remember that magic and miracles exist and that love is the purpose and source of who we are. Self-love guides us back to trusting our hearts again, unlearning the stories & beliefs that were passed on to us that we kept as part of our reality but were never ours to carry. The journey to truly loving ourselves, both our light and our shadows reminds us how beautifully & perfectly imperfect we are; it wakes us up to our divine birthright to live the life we truly want because we are born more than enough. 


I've felt called to serve and shine my light through the songs I write & sing, through the digital art I create, & the Spirit-channelled readings I do for those who need guidance on their journey. I hope this website is a space for you to feel loved, held, empowered & inspired to be your amazing self in all your magic! You are more than enough to be loved exactly as you are right now. 


Sending so much unconditional love to your heart & remember that you are an incredible light that is cherished and supported by the Universe & the Divine. I love you.


“Success to me is following my heart & living my truth every day. I trust my soul to lead the way” - Elizsabeth

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