About Me 

My journey began with the magic of music. I knew I wanted to use music to heal people, to give solace and comfort. I always found that was the reaction whenever I sang and it gave me such fulfilment seeing that. Soon after understanding what I wanted to share with the world, self love naturally became a theme it seems because that was what I was looking for the most. The process of writing and cowriting songs then helped heal parts of me, and even the songs I just didn’t know what to do with turned out to be destined for a magical project I co-created called

Safe and Sound The Musical.


As I released my first and second singles, I was so happy to finally be on the social media map, growing with every performance, every collaboration etc. but underneath this there were parts of me that needed to prove I was good enough. Through my career it became the need to be well known for my music, having millions of streams and followers, be popular on a different level. Because if this many people approved of me, then that means I must be enough. This would also validate that the “potential” I was constantly told I had so much of would not be wasted. I worked on unlearning these self-limiting beliefs in my subconscious in those 5 years and I’m still going! But it is much easier to now validate myself for my journey. Even when my music had reached 91 countries, been placed in film and reached number 2 in the singer/songwriter iTunes chart, even when I worked with Grammy nominated songwriters, Hardstyle & EDM dance producers in which our songs were played at festivals, even when I organised my own headline show, created visuals I had dreamed about with other amazing creatives, even when I received feedback about how my music had helped people feel love for themselves again, feel like they can breathe again. There was still a big part of me running on those beliefs of unworthiness, that the feeling of fulfilment never lasted. I couldn’t receive any of it even though I wanted the validation so much. I knew I needed to push the restart button and go introspective. I have done this many times! It is never too late to press restart, in fact each day can be a new one. 


So I did. It was through this music & self love intertwined journey that I was naturally guided to my spiritual awakening. It taught me to listen to my intuition, to trust this compass within me that always lead me back to my truth and to have the courage to listen to it.  I soon after discovered and developed my abilities to hear, see, feel and connect to other planes, dimensions and realms. I reclaimed my inner magic by reconnecting to the power of my womb (where all is created), I found my soul lineage, my angelic heritage and my connection to the stars. I knew I was here to be myself and share my magic in the way I enjoyed the most. Even when I wrote songs, they would fly out of me. I was a channel for these words and melodies to come through and recognising that filled my cup in a deeper way. I was guided to combine the music creatrix within and my passion for energy work & healing, so I became certified in Reiki, understood the power of meditation, relearnt how to connect the Akashic (soul records),  sound healing through the vibration of my voice and the music I create, the power of intention, the magic of consciousness and how we are all connected. I learnt about the power of energy and the physical body, channelling Spirit, how we can understand our subconscious in a way that helps us come back to our soul truth. Combining my love for music, art and connecting to the Divine, I found my raison d'être. And I found I was being guided and supported endlessly all along. We all are. 


So now I use music, art and healing modalities to support people on their journey back home to their true soul essence.

I am here to trigger a remembering in you, about who you truly are on a soul level.

About your Divine Sovereignty and Power.

That it is our birthright to live the life we desire in our hearts, 

and that if our hearts desire it, it means there is a way to receive it

and all we have to do is trust our souls to lead us there.

We are multidimensional divine beings that deserve to feel at home in ourselves, feel that peace within our hearts and follow our truth unapologetically. Understanding who we are on a soul level deeply transforms and impacts the way we live this human experience because it gives us back the freedom we truly want, the freedom within ourselves. 

If this resonates with you and you desire to come back home to yourself and you are ready to transform your inner being back to your soul truth, then know you're in the right place!

May all these expressions help and support you on your journeying the way you need!

 I hope if nothing else, may you reading this be a sign that you are extraordinary,

you are safe to be loved exactly as you are,

and you are not alone on this journey.


I love you, E x