Sound codes are one of my favourite forms of healing because it can shift your vibration instantly 🧬💡🎆

Sound codes are light activations using the vibration of sound to shift your frequency. I channel sound codes and light language through my voice to help you anchor and embody new vibrations that you desire to experience.

Sound healing can soothe our nervous systems, support the embodiment of our true essence, bring us back to our inner balance, help us open up to unconditional love, give us pleasure in our body, help us remember what it's truly like to feel alive & so much more.


Each sound code is:

$66 exchange

up to 2 minutes

Recorded as an mp3

sent to you by email within 5 days after purchase unless otherwise told

All you have to do is set your intention and receive 😍💫

Intention examples:


opening your heart

womb clearing

chakra cleansing

self confidence and empowerment surrender

grief release

sacred rage

connecting to star ancestors

angelic energy

rebirth energy

inner freedom

connecting to our inner power

& much much more

Email elizsabethcreates@gmail.com to purchase and book your personalised sound code!