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Our hearts are the gateway to our soul & our souls hold the treasures


This is a virtual masterclass & introduction to deepening your connection with your inner soul truth and power.


It is our soul that holds the deepest treasures that will truly fulfil us.


This masterclass will begin to support you in reconnecting to your soul's whisper and nurture it to become a distinct voice that you deeply trust and recognise.


Instead of listening and creating a life based on the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of others and following the "shoulds" and the stories that don't align to us, this masterclass will help you remember your Divine worth in the knowing that you are more than you ever thought possible.


You will be guided in a meditation to connect with your soul and receive


that are sound and light activations to support you in this reconnection.


They will help release any energetic coding currently in your cellular memory that has stopped you from pursuing your dreams and instead activate your soul remembering deeper.



Through your soul remembering you will:


🌹 start to embody your Divine nature and power


🌹 awaken to the unlimited abundance that is always available to you


🌹 access, trust and have the confidence to act on your inner Divine guidance system that will always guide you to what truly fulfils you


🌹 remember that pleasure and joy are your birthrights and the purpose of your life


🌹 feel the inner peace and bliss within instead of chasing fulfilment outside of you


🌹 access to your soul gifts


🌹 realise that we cocreate and write the script to our reality, it's in our hands more than we've ever been taught




The magic we hold within us is the key to understanding who we truly are and that gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we truly desire whatever that may be.


You have all the answers within and access to your inner wisdom all the time


And it's time to remember your Divinity, and embody the Cosmic Being you truly are.




 Exchange for now is $111

until it goes up to $333



For those who feel pulled to remembering their true essence this masterclass is for you 🌹
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