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1:1 Cosmic SoulGuardianship

is a sacred monthly container of pure mystery magic  

In this sacred space you will receive 1:1 daily support through Voxer/Telegram

where we will dive into your soul expansion together,

channelling and guiding you to remembering and embodying your Divinity 


  Your soul already knows what it wants to experience

This container is an intimate, devoted and safe space for you to remember who you truly are and through this daily connection we will

explore and reclaim: 

your light and your darkness


your inner magic, truth and power

your connection with your energy


your intuition, your higher self, your spirit guides

and whatever other magic wants to be shown to you

You will also receive energetic support through whichever of these modalities your soul guides me to support you with:

Divine Channelled Messages


Personalised Sound Healing 

Womb Healing 

Light Language

Inner Child Healing 

Divine Channelled Conversation 

Subconscious Rewriting

Angelic Vibrations 

Akashic Records 

This sacred space is for those who feel pulled to it.


 This magical space is for those who feel lit up by the knowing that this is for them reading this already.

This safe space is for those who feel ready to jump in and trust in that knowing

and therefore receive more than they could have predicted

If you feel this, it's for you.

Being open to the unknown leaves room for the extraordinary to come through

and this container embodies exactly this. 

So if you desire support in:

-coming back to your soul truth, magic and power in all areas of your life 


-loving yourself back home & activating your inner remembrance of how worthy

you are already of ALL you desire to experience as a human

AND you are ready truly commit and be devoted to yourself & your growth


AND in turn give yourself permission to open up to all the magic waiting to come in for you


Then this offering is for you.


You will not regret investing in coming back home to yourself because that's where your fulfilment lies,

within you.

Disclaimer- I will hold space for you to step into your power, these sessions will not fix or save you but support you in helping yourself.


✨ Monday to Friday 1:1 Voxer Space with a 36 hour response time

✨You will receive recordings of personalised sound codes, guided meditations, guided soul journeys, channelled practices & more

✨You will receive all recorded masterclasses

✨You will receive Divine Feminine Sound Codes album


$2222 monthly investment

Email to get started!