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Sound Codes to support your energy, from Divine Feminine empowerment to Chakra balancing to Channelled Intentions & more

The DIVINE FEMININE Sound Codes Album

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Other songs to lift your soul into remembering who you truly are 

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"I want to tell you how much your music helped through a really rough time, I sincerely believed that I'm not good enough and I don't deserve love or care. It was as down as I ever get when I found your music by accident. And I instantly felt something in my heart healing. Like tissue were cut off from each other and they grow roots and attached again. I still get my body hair standing up straight every time I listen to your music." - Gacem, Instagram message


“You may not have heard of London-based singer, Elizsabeth, before now, but if you are looking for music that is

empowering, with amazing lyrics and vocals, she needs to be on your radar.” - Culturess


“Elizsabeth prides herself on authenticity and realness, forming deep connections with people all around the

world. She sets a strong example for all to embrace their flaws despite others' opinions” - Earmilk


“I believe that Elizsabeth has an incredible gift that has the power to allure your attention from the very first

listen. With a talent like this, there is no telling what this artist is capable of.” - Fierce Fabulous Revolution


“Elizsabeth is creating achingly honest, comforting, encouraging and courageous music that leaves its listener

feeling inspired to unshackle themselves from whatever, or whoever, is holding them back. Really beautiful stuff!” - When The Horn Blows


“In this age of social media pressures, which create impossible standards and expectations, Elizsabeth hopes

that her songs will help eradicate these negative ideologies and emphasise the true meaning of self-awareness.” - The 405

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