In every 1:1 𝓒𝓸𝓼𝓶𝓲𝓬 𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵 𝓢𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 🎆 you will receive exactly what you need.


If you desire:

☯️ to understand & rebalance your inner universe

🌹 to unlearn all that is not you, diving deep into your shadows with love & compassion 

💜 to come back to your soul truth in all areas of your life 

🎆 to transform into who you were born to become 

🙌🏼 to love yourself back home and activate your inner remembrance of how worthy you are of ALL that your soul wants to experience 

👑 and you are ready truly commit and be devoted to yourself & your growth

😍 to give yourself permission to be who you truly are & express ALL of your heart’s desires 

💗 and in turn realign your current blueprint to your Divine soul map  👑


…then this offering is for you and I am ready to guide you & help you remember your soul’s magic 💗 

This may include but not limited to you receiving

-channelled Divine guidance 💚

-accessing your Akashic records 🌙

-energetic support using Reiki, sound healing activations, angelic healing, light language and other modalities 🌻

You will know if this session is for you and you will not regret investing in coming back home to yourself because that's where your fulfilment lies, within you.


Love, E x

Cosmic Soul Sessions


My experience getting a personal reading from Elizsabeth was beyond enlightening. The accuracy and validation I received from her talents totally changed my perspective and gave me a complete new way of approaching my issues along self love/worth. Not only did she invite new perspective with a complete accuracy in context of my personal situation, but she also offered MANY tools to use in my own practice, in my own time, for healing. Honestly I was at a crossroads in almost every aspect of my life and somehow she was able to not only understand that (without much context), but also give accurate genuine divine guidance to get through it. I will be going to her for all of my readings moving forwards. She is truly an inspiration and a VERY gifted Goddess!

- Jourdan S

Working with Elizsabeth is deeply grounding, soothing and supportive. Her channelled wisdom invariably hits home, and strikes a chord with my own inner knowing. She offers a safe, sweet space while exploring my tender vulnerabilities, and does so with the utmost care, presence and attention. An embodiment of goddess and queen energy herself, and deeply anchored in her own self love, she offers a wonderful salve and healing balm for my innermost parts

- Emma V 

I have received Reiki from Elizabeth in the past and it’s been so healing. The best way to describe it is like angel light pouring through me. This has helped me heal from traumas, fear based thoughts and also physical pain! It’s such a profound experience and I recommend it so highly 💕

- Justine P

Really great first session. We went through the basics of what we will cover in the sessions over the next few weeks and the techniques I will learn to help to hear my own internal guidance and remove limiting beliefs

Elizsabeth is always so easy to talk to and also listens and shares guidance without any judgement but to help and provide alternative viewpoints and ways forward.  It’s good to do something positive for myself right now especially after the really tough time that everyone has been going through and experiencing to help recover and rebalance. 

Looking forward to my next session and also would recommend this experience to anyone who would like direct help and guidance to help empower you

- Caz O

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